Becareful with Rogere Pawson / Stephanie Padilla and a company called "For Your Information, Inc."

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this couple is running around town with numerous scams, most of them have to do with pink sheets, they promise they can clear up your certificate for a fee and never deliver, or they will tell you they can promote your public company to move some share and will never deliver......or they will give you "tips" on companies to invest in which will be dumped right after they made you invest in them......if i dont hear back from them soon i will start disclosing the companies they gave tips on, one actually they own. both of their numbers have been disconnected which is never a good of them thats connected to FYI, is answered by a lady who i presume to be Stephanie Padilla...

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I was a nanny for roger pawson for about a year he sacked me by writing me bad checks they bounced and he left woth no phone numbers closed his bank accounts and owes me thousands of rollers def beware of him

to Anonymous #846987

I am worried that this same person is squatting in a home I own.

to Anonymous #847215

Can I speak with you about roger?

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